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You will be more active and glow with success. The year end will bring success stories to the fore, achievements and celebrations. Job and career opportunities will be plenty during this time of the year. Overall, a satisfying year with ideal career growth. A good inflow of money and financial growth as well as big spending, is indicated by the stars for Pisces for the year In the beginning of the year, financial gains from your profession may accrue due to self-efforts and through the help your subordinates at work-place through teamwork.

Businessmen or small factory owners may gain profits through the help of their employees. You may invest money for the future. In the first quarter of the year, you may spend on personal travelling. Expenditure may be high.

Expenditure on health and education is also indicated. As the year progresses both gains and expenses may be high. You may buy insurances and spend on your family. Be careful of investing in properties during this period.

Kannada/Zodiac Signs

Previous share investments will bring good money during May. Speculators may also make big money. But the risk of losing money also prevails. You may gain through wills or legacies bequeathed to you. During the mid year money may be spent on children and family members and for a religious ceremony at home. Some of you may take loans for buying property or other purposes, in the later period. You may make big investments for your spouse and family members.

October may bring in good gains through increments, self efforts and inheritance. You may receive incentives, stuck money and money loaned earlier. Foreign investments may give good returns. Gains from unexpected sources, lotteries and friends are possible during the end of the year. Wealth generation may be high during the end of the year. A good year for financial increases, wealth generation and sound investments for the future.

Definitions and Meaning of Pisces in English

Piscean students are expected to do well in the studies in , according to the predictions regarding higher education. The transit of planets may help you to progress well with the help of your teachers and mentors. The new year may bring a lot of self confidence and grit with the resolution to work hard and excel in academics.

But you may be prone to laziness and procrastination too. You should consciously guard against lethargy, or else you may lose out on precious time. During the first quarter of the year technical, engineering and technology students and those pursuing mass communications, architecture and fine arts are expected to do very well. Students pursuing higher studies, research, Phd, postgraduate studies in medicine and engineering are expected to do extremely during the year. You may find good job opportunities too.

Future Point: A Pioneer in Ancient Indian Astrology

Students appearing for competitive exams may have to work hard, but succeed eventually. In the later period, law students, students studying for the civil services may find the period very favourable and conducive for success. Technical students, nursing and paramedical students, fashion technology students are likely to fare well. CA, commerce, MBA, accountancy students will also find good success. In the mid year, those of you studying foreign languages, journalism and mass communications may look forward to notable success in your respective fields.

Those appearing for competitive exams may expect good success in the later period. October may bring in achievements and success stories. MBA students, fashion technology students and engineering students may find good openings and jobs through campus interviews. Almost students from all fields may experience a very productive spell during the last quarter of the year. Many of you who are completing your education may find good openings. The year is very good for teachers, professors of technology or for those trying to get into this profession and also for students of hotel management and food technology.

Overall, a very favourable year for achieving goals and for overall success in education. Family atmosphere is expected to be happy and congenial and supportive according to predictions for for Pisces.

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Family ties are expected to be good. In the beginning of the year, and throughout the year, blessings from your father will enhance your good luck. Rashi, Nakshatra, Naming letters and birth doshas. Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation. Lord of this rashi is Jupiter. In this October month, for Meena Rashi people, Venus transiting over Tula Rashi, 8th house between 4th and 28th and then he moves to Vrishchika Rashi, 9th house.

Sun transits over Kanya rashi, 7th house up to 18th and then he moves to Tula Rashi, 8th house. Mercury transit over Tula Rashi, 8th house up to 23rd and then he moves to Vrischika Rashi, 9th house. Mars continues his transit over Kanya Rashi, 7th house. Jupiter continues his transit over Vrischika Rashi, 9th house. Saturn and Ketu continue their transit over Dhanu rashi, 10th house and Rahu continues his transit over Mithuna Rashi, 4th house. This month you will have a normal time.

Career and family wise you may face some challenges. Career-wise you will have some unexpected changes in position or working place. You may have to accept extra workload and responsibilities.

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You may also need to work hard to achieve the desired result as there will be a lot of hurdles in every undertaking. Some people at your work may try to insult you and reduce your confidence. You may also need to be careful while dealing with your higher officials, especially in the last two weeks. They are primarily used to calculate the dates of eclipses. They are described as "shadow planets" because they are not visible in the night sky.

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They have an orbital cycle of 18 years and are always degrees from each other. A natal chart shows the position of the grahas at the moment of birth. Since that moment, the grahas have continued to move around the zodiac, interacting with the natal chart grahas. This period of interaction is called gochara Sanskrit : gochara , 'transit'.

In Hindu astronomy, yoga Sanskrit : yoga , 'union' is a combination of planets placed in a specific relationship to each other. Grahas cast only forward aspects, with the furthest aspect being considered the strongest. For example, Mars aspects the 4th, 7th, and 8th houses from its position, and its 8th house aspect is considered more powerful than its 7th aspect, which is in turn more powerful than its 4th aspect. The principle of Dristi aspect was devised on the basis of the aspect of an army of planets as deity and demon in a war field. Planetary aspects are a function of desire, while sign aspects are a function of awareness and cognizance.

Astrology has been rejected by the scientific community as having no explanatory power for describing the universe. Scientific testing of astrology has been conducted, and no evidence has been found to support any of the premises or purported effects outlined in astrological traditions. Astrologers in Indian astrology make grand claims without taking adequate controls into consideration. Saturn was in Aries in , and , yet the astrologer Bangalore Venkata Raman claimed that "when Saturn was in Aries in England had to declare war against Germany", ignoring the two other dates.

Predictions by the head of the Indian Astrologers Federation about war between India and Pakistan in also failed. In , when several planets happened to be close to one another, astrologers predicted that there would be catastrophes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. This caused an entire sea-side village in the Indian state of Gujarat to panic and abandon their houses. The predicted events did not occur and the vacant houses were burgled. In one test, 27 Indian astrologers, with the appropriate horoscopes, failed to determine the intelligence difference between neurotypical and mentally disabled children at a rate higher than that determined by chance alone in a double blind test.

The astrologers had, on average, 14 years experience. A team of astrologers from one astrologers' institute also performed at chance expectation. The president of the Maharashtra Astrological Society claimed to be able to predict sex and intelligence 60 per cent of the time each, but he performed no better than chance in double blind conditions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Pisces Horoscope 12222 For Financial Life

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