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And yes, Saturn does not bring sudden destruction, but it can demolish brick by brick, slowly but surely anything that is not built on solid foundations. What if you have late degree capricorn ascendant, and also capricorn on the 12th house. Which will square all Aires planets in the second house mercury, Venus, moon, and Jupiter and sun in the third house? Thank you. I love your postings. You can expect relocation or changes at home, home refurbishment, moving homes, or some events in your family.

January Moon Calendar

Thank you for this article!! I am having my first Saturn return! I want to get married and love stability. Overall I am excited for what this transit will bring to me. Transits to the Sun and the Moon are felt more internally, so you are going to feel it for sure, but to see which area of your life will come into focus, look in which house from the ascendant you have Capricorn. First of all, thank you for your article which explains how to find transits in our charts!

How Saturn Transit in 2017 Will Affect You! (Shani Gochar in 2017)

I am a novice, literally a baby trying to learn astrology, so I am grateful for your help. May I ask a question? So, what exactly does this mean for me? Hi, Saturn return only happens when you are years old, it is when transit Saturn is conjunct your natal Saturn. At the age of 2 you probably had a Saturn transit over your Sun.

I will come up with more information in the coming weeks on what to expect from the Saturn transit according to the natal house placement. I have a Capricorn moon at 4 degrees in the 3rd and Jupiter at 24 degrees Capricorn in the 4th. Saturn rules your 4th house who you really are, your comfort zone, your family, your home, your properties and Pluto the 2nd your self worth, what you value, your money and possessions — you can improve your self worth, and as a result, you will feel stronger on the inside.

You need to become more self reliant and find the comfort and security you need inside, instead of looking for it outside. Thank you as I am a novice learning. This is my second Saturn Return. Saturn and jupiter are in my first house which I have learned is very interesting. I am a double Taurus, Sadge asc. Your writing has me very excited for the work I am doing…oh so capricorn of me. LOL Well thanks again. I appreciate you. The Saturn Pluto conjunction in Jan happens within minutes of my Capricorn ascendant.

Capricorn also rules my 12th House at 0 degrees. What might be the positive manifestation of the upcoming Saturn and Pluto transits for me? I also have Natal Saturn in my 10th house. I have a question. My natal chart shows that Capricorn was transiting my 10th house and 9th house. But I am also a Cancer Ascendant.

So will I be affected most by my 10th house and 9th house? I am not sure if I am supposed to look at where Saturn was when I was born or where Capricorn was. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Any recommendations for a Capricorn sun Scorpio moon Sagittarius Saturn for the upcoming turn of events? Much love. The 8th house is tricky! Thank you for this very informative article. I just finished my Saturn return. It has been terrible.

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Following this, I went into a major cycle of anxiety and forgot who I was. People calling me names and so on. I lost my father: I expected that maybe I would get married etc which did not happen but instead I am going through a dark night of the soul. Thanks in advance! Is this going to continue another 3 years!? Thank you for your article on Saturn return in Capricorn. Hopefully it will make not break me! Keep up the good work, Rosana. Thank you so much. This is one of the better explanations of the coming Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunctions. Saturn will also be in a trine by sign to Uranus, which is the best aspect you can get.