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I am a Capricorn ascendant, so my Badhak sthana is Scorpio.

Badhaka sthana in astrology what rules

A lord of a trik Bhava is not as dangerous as a Badhaka planet is. A very prominent astrologer of yesteryears was very much critical about the Badhaka planets. One such example is the principle of Badhaka-sthana sthana where there is no consensus and astrologers utilise this rule rather randomly. Dwi-Tri samvada bhaval; More than symptoms indicate one and the same result; This is one of the base rules in astrology. If only 6th Lord. Skip to content The one rule in astrology to mind, is that nothing in astrology is true verbatim and. Older posts.

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Federal bank account number Pay pal id -sandhu. Tuesday, January 26, Type of Badhaka Sthana. Type of Badhaka Sthana Prashna Maarga explicitly describe about Badhaka Sthana should b seen in Prashna, through it says Prashna charts can studied like natal chart but again it warned that it should b seen for particular problem the native consulting.

Badhak Graha - Badhak Planets

Not for full life. Chapter 15th in Prashna Maarga explains about Badhaka Houses and Badhaka House lords and its effect and remedies The miseries of man can b due to wrath of Devas deities , dharma-Devas family deities; Kula devata , serpents, parents, preceptors, Brahmanic curses curse of learned , Pitirs sprits of forefathers from the same family or clan , Pretas spirits of the dead , Bhootas spirits with special powers etc. They may be also due to evil eye, curses, the evil acts directed by enemies and other afflictions. Causes and remedies for such miseries are given in 15th chapter in Prashna Maarga for the benefit of qurrents and astrologers.

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Many times own logic cannot reason with known factors for the suffering of a native. All this Prashna texts are developed long back and people with modern outlook need not agree it and no astrologer is against a person getting treatment if the case is psychological. In actual practice nowadays a person consults astrologers only when all methods fails. So please don't direct all accuses against astrologers for spreading superstition or exploiting the ignorant people etc.

Here I am presenting the various opinions prevalent in state Kerala and it is what explained in Prashna Maarga as different opinions. This is an extension of Samanya Badha concept, followed only by very few. This approach is not accepted by most of the Kerala astrologers 3 Aquarius is house of harm for all movable signs; Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius have Scorpio as house of harm; for Taurus it is Capricorn; for Aquarius it is Cancer; for Gemini and Pisces the house of harm is Sagittarius.

Sloka Out of these all accepts the 1st one and 3rd one. Types of Arudha Arudha is the house in the zodiac imagined around the astrologer in Fixed Zodiac Stira Chakra in which the qurrent stands. This Arudha is also known by the name Sthityarudha. If this Arudha is not known, then the sign arrived at by the use of Cowries is considered as Arudha.

There are several other types of Arudha as well.


For example - Tamboola Arudha Betel Lagna : Arudha arrived at based on betel leaves presented to astrologer as a gift. The qurrent might give betel leaves, areca nut Supari , some money gold coin in olden days , fruits, flowers and some vegetables even to the astrologer. Any of this can be used as a tool to arrive at or find an Arudha, which becomes a starting point for result derivation] Spristanga lagna Touch lagna : The body part first touched by qurrent at the time of Prashna.

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  5. Akshara Arudha: Arudha arrived at by considering the words and alphabets first spoken by the qurrent. An astrologer who is well versed in Horas ancient astrological texts , and has guruupadesa proper learning and advice from astrological gurus , and blessing of his gurus, and does his daily upasana worship of deities , and austerities believer of god , and satwik in nature one who does good deeds and wishes the good will and betterment of others will never go wrong in Prashna and chart reading — says Prashna Maarga. This agents of harm could be - Amara Devas , Asura, Naga etc.

    In total 18 agents are given as great spirits and 9 agents such as Apasmara, brahma rakshas etc as 2ndary spirits light spirits. This can be divided into 3 main categories based on their motive of attack, which points to the intensity of the psychological problem and solution. The first one will not leave the victim without killing him, so treatments or remedies will not work usually.